The Moore Agency of CNY

Our agency’s motto is to carry the highest level of integrity, selflessness, and to exceed expectations when it comes to serving our client’s needs.

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The Moore Agency of CNY

The Moore Agency of Central New York provides supplemental benefits to labor unions, credit unions, and a variety of associations across Upstate New York. Some of the groups we work close with include: The Teamsters, Postal Workers, IBEW, United Steel Workers, SEIU, UFCW, Volunteer Firefighters, AFL-CIO, FASNY, New York State Snowmobile Association, Credit Unions, and many, many more.

Our privilege and duty is to provide and protect working class families with permanent and portable 100% union backed benefits to help fill in gaps of what is not already provided to them through their group. Our promise to each group is that their members will receive the utmost respect, customer service, and professionalism that they deserve.

We work with countless unions, here are just a few.


” I moved here from Maine in 2012, was called by Matt for an interview which turned into a career opportunity. Having a background in sales, I was blown away by the lead system here and it is absolutely the best I’ve ever seen. The company’s training, support, and recognition is second to none and I feel blessed every day that I have been given this opportunity. I’m looking forward to the financial freedom this company has and is providing for my family ”

Elias Boles

General Agent, Moore Agency of CNY

This company has changed my life. I started less than a year ago and my life has taken a complete 180. Coming from a retail background I never knew an opportunity like this existed. The amount that I’ve grown as a person is incredible and I’m thankful for everything this company has done for me.

Tim Penso

Supervising Agent, Moore Agency of CNY

” In just a few months, NILICO has changed my life so much. Not only has this job provided me with more financial freedom, it has given me a brotherhood again, much like I experienced in the marine corps.”

Kevin Van Epps

Agent, Moore Agency of CNY

I fell into the fallacy that if you work for 40 years to retirement then you’ve done your job and duty as a productive member of society. Until I decided to create my own destiny and “American dream.” We opened our own restaurant and realized that the glass ceiling is hovering everywhere! Then I met Nick Moore and ultimately accepted the challenge of this position with The Moore Agency of CNY; where I was not only promised but encouraged to write my own paycheck! 4 months, 43 families protected, and $25,000 deposited into my checking account I am now in a position to mentor others to do the same!
I literally thought to myself today, if I had no financial gain or need would I still do this J…O…B, and definitively the answer is, “YES!”

Tonya Bailey

Supervising Agent, Moore Agency of CNY

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The Moore Agency of CNY - A NILICO Branch


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